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ALCOR Scientific, Inc. Entrusts Their IT Infrastructure to CAI’s Premium Server & Desktop Management Service

March 21, 2017 - CAI Managed IT today announced that ALCOR Scientific, Inc. is a U.S.-based, privately held company operating in the global healthcare industry has selected CAI Managed IT’s Premium Server & Desktop Management Service to secure and manage their IT infrastructure.

CAI Managed IT’s Premium Server & Desktop Management Service combines the best aspects of hourly support and preventative maintenance, and includes a live help desk that anyone in the company can call anytime without an extra fee, and bundles it all together into an easy-to-budget flat rate. The flat rate includes security patches, updates for your virus protection, and much more.

Joe Langella, R&D Engineer at ALCOR at ALCOR said, “My role at ALCOR is multi-faceted. I’m a R&D engineer working on the design and development of future products, supporting our current products by assisting with technical service questions, and manufacturing issues, and handling the setup and installation of our products at customer sites. Up until working with CAI, I was also managing our IT infrastructure and it was extremely reactionary, however I could never dedicate my full time to product development and many other responsibilities because there was always someone in the company having a computer problem, such as a network printer issues or a failing hard drive.”

“I spent a considerable amount of time reacting to these problems and could never get to the point where I was preventing problems from happening, Langella added. “And with the rate of our growth from about 18 employees when I started at ALCOR to now more than 45, we had a considerable need to acquire new equipment and upgrade the outdated hardware we already had. That was a major task and was only going to get worse as the company grew.”

ALCOR chose CAI Managed IT because of how prepared they came to the table with a plan to analyze and improve our infrastructure. “Everyone is extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and prepared,” Langella said. “They recommended that we transition to a domain-based infrastructure and to sign up for their server and PC management service to improve security and control of the information being shared across departments in the company.”

Frank Motta, Executive Vice President for CAI said, ”To keep our costs low and our clients happy, we've spent a lot of time and money investing in an infrastructure that can automatically monitor servers and workstations, detecting problems before they cause downtime. Our clients enjoy being able to sleep soundly at night, because we offer all of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”

“The scheduled bi-weekly and quarterly visits are great!” Langella said. “There are a lot of times that employees will forget to call the CAI team and when they come to check-in with us, our staff remembers to get their problems addressed. The quarterly review meetings also help me gauge the overall health of our system. I am pretty much deaf and blind to all IT matters now! I no longer hear about issues from other employees, so the quarterly meetings are helpful for me to get back up to speed on what's happening in the company from an IT perspective.”

“If I had to choose a word or phrase that describes our relationship with CAI Managed IT, it would be relief and trust,” Langella said. “I can now focus on the tasks that I need to drive our company forward. Taking the IT responsibilities and backbone of our systems off my hands and into the hands of people much more experienced is a huge relief. I have peace of mind that it everything is going to work now.”

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