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Tip of the Week: 13 Time-Saving Shortcuts for Microsoft Outlook

b2ap3_thumbnail_outlook_logo_400.jpgMicrosoft Outlook is a common mail solution for businesses, but it can be tricky to use without utilizing keyboard shortcuts. Just like Microsoft Word, Outlook has several key commands that can be used to jumpstart your productivity and save time, which can be better spent on other activities, like training exercises or more important tasks.

With these shortcuts, you can perform several tasks with the click of a key instead of navigating through countless drop-down menus and buttons. These shortcuts are similar between Windows and Mac users, but they utilize slightly different keys. Whether you’re an Apple enthusiast or Windows user, you’ll find this chart of the 13 most useful Microsoft Outlook shortcuts useful. Included are shortcuts for:

  • Switching between mail, calendar, and contacts.
  • Moving a message.
  • Bolding text.
  • Replying to open emails.
  • Creating new emails.
  • Sending messages.
  • Searching your inbox.
  • Scheduling emails for follow-up.
  • Underlining text.
  • Using spell check.
  • Printing emails.
  • Undoing mistakes.

Forwarding messages.For a more useful experience, you can print out this chart to keep next to your workstation. That way, you’ll always be able to know which time-saving shortcut is appropriate for your current situation.

Function Windows Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Switch Between Mail, Calendar, Contacts CTRL+1:Mail CTRL+2:Calendar CTRL+3:Contacts CMD+1:Mail CMD+2:Calendar CMD+3:Contacts
Bold Text CTRL+B CMD+B
Reply to an Open Email CTRL+R CMD+R
Create a New Email CTRL+N CMD+N
Send a Message ALT+S CMD+Return
Flag for Follow-Up CTRL+SHIFT+G CTRL+1:Today CTRL+2:Tomorrow CTRL+3:End of Week
Underline Text CTRL+U CMD+U
Spell Check F7 CMD+:
Print Email CTRL+P CMD+P
Forward a Message CTRL+F CMD+J

In such a competitive industry, you need the best solutions to stay ahead of the competition. CAI Managed IT knows how to equip your business with powerful productivity solutions to help you understand and tackle problems in your business’s technology environment. For more tips on how to make the most of your current software and technology, give CAI Managed IT a call at (800) 422-4782.

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