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Steere Engineering Enlists CAI Managed IT To Protect Against Cyber Threats

July 24, 2018 -- Smithfield, RI -- CAI Managed IT today announced that it has been selected by Steere Engineering of Warwick, Rhode Island to help protect the company from cyber threats. Under CAI's fully managed IT service, CAI monitors Steere’s main domain server and employee workstations 24/7 to identify potential issues before they cause a business disruption. In addition, CAI deployed a network attached storage (NAS) appliance to ensure business continuity by backing up the servers at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day.

Founded in 2010, Steere Engineering Incorporated is a full-service, Northeast regional structural civil engineering firm located in Warwick, Rhode Island. The company is certified by the National Highway Institute (NHI) to offer National Bridge Inventory System (NBIS) bridge inspections, bridge ratings, highway and traffic design, 3D CAD modeling and rendering services, construction services, as well as highway, civil, traffic, and environmental permitting capabilities. Steere Engineering’s services encompass the full scope of project delivery from type selection through final design, and construction phase support.

Steere Engineering is led by a team of professionals who have been responsible for some of largest bridge related projects in New England. Its engineers are professionally licensed in multiple states, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Rhode Island, and Maine and utilize advanced CAD software to create easily modifiable, accurate models for Structural Analysis, Clash Detection, 4D Scheduling, Virtual Reality Visualization, Sales/Marketing Graphics, and more.

At the outset, Steere’s IT system was setup and handled by a freelance acquaintance who possessed sufficient knowledge and expertise to meet their needs at the time. However, as the company grew, the requirements of its IT system started to become more complex and demanding. They realized they needed to address these new changing demands. Martin Pierce, Vice President for Steere said, “CAI was willing to take on the challenge of working closely with us to learn and understand the individual software license and maintenance requirements for the numerous programs required by our industry,” Pierce added. In addition, CAI guided us through the process of installing a state of the art backup system for our data.”

“The staff at CAI have been very professional and have worked closely with us to ensure our computer systems and network infrastructure function properly and efficiently,” Pierce added. “If I had to come up with a phrase that best describes our relationship with CAI it would be Team Member!”

The Role and Benefits of Outsourced IT Management

Regardless of their industry, all small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) face similar challenges when it comes to their IT networks. Despite a lack of internal resources, businesses must keep their networks running reliably at top speeds. At the same time, companies need to watch their budgets by reining in operational costs and limiting IT investments. For an increasing number of businesses, the answer is outsourcing the critical day-to-day support and maintenance of their network to a service provider.

Frank Motta, Executive Vice President for CAI Managed IT said, “By eliminating the need to invest in in-house IT support, companies are able to refocus their resources on the core business. It also frees up time and money to grow into new markets, acquire new customers, and find ways to better serve their existing customers.”

“Hiring and keeping IT staff current on emerging networking technology and security risks can be very expensive,” Motta continued. “CAI has invested in a team of experienced, fully accredited network technicians and support staff to provide a higher level of uptime and security than most SMBs are able to achieve in-house.”

“Working with CAI has allowed us the ability to shift some of our focus from the logistics of running and maintaining a computer network to other important issues related to running a small business,” Pierce added.

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