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Is Your Network Monster-Proof?

Are you ready for Halloween? Beyond having a cute costume picked out; we want to know if you are prepared for a disaster brought on by ghosts, ghouls, goblins, or ogres. Battling the dark legions can escalate quickly into a full-blown crisis, and as your IT Company, we view it as our duty to help you prepare for the worst.

We at CAI Managed IT have transgressed cemeteries, backwoods, and haunted houses in order to round up the most popular Halloween haunts. We now want to unleash our findings upon you with the hope of scaring you straight into disaster preparedness. Your safest bet is to be prepared for anything and everything. Conveniently, many of the same principles used to stave off a fictional apocalypse can also be implemented for you and your staff to survive a real disaster.

Classic Monster Battles

One thing all classic monsters have in common is their total disregard for both human life and property. Monsters prefer to burst through walls and doors. Smashing everything in a room (including your computer hardware) is standard monster procedure. A single monster like a vampire or a mummy can inflict considerable damage on their own, but when two monsters battle each other (like Frankenstein's Monster vs. a werewolf, or Godzilla vs. King Kong) the collateral damage to your property can be devastating.

Besides stocking garlic, wooden stakes, holy water, silver bullets, etc,. it is also a good idea to have your data backed up at an offsite location (or two). Ensuring your data is protected means you can get back on your feet and continue working once it's safe to go back outside.

Zombie Apocalypse

The key to surviving the zombie apocalypse, or any cataclysmic event, is to have enough supplies and ammunition to sustain an escape plan. Government agencies like the National Guard and the CDC will have emergency shelters and treatment centers available, learn these locations and plan a safe evacuation route away from population centers. The CDC has made an official blog posting advice on how to prepare for zombies, as well as a general emergency page you should consider.

In the event that zombie hoards cannot be contained by the government, then total anarchy will ensue; currency will be worthless, civility will be gone, and canned food will be more valuable than gold. Survival here is much like protecting your IT infrastructure - security is everything. You'll likely wish boarding up doors and windows was as easy as running antivirus or having CAI Managed IT configure your firewall.

Alien Invasion

The good news about alien invasions is that they can generally be waited out, but not before a few major cities are destroyed. If you can leave town and hole up somewhere, then it should not be too long before Will Smith figures something out. If you are involved in a first contact scenario, congratulations! Hopefully you record this historical event on your smartphone so that you may go down in history as the first human to shake hands with an extraterrestrial!

Aliens will likely use technology far advanced compared to our own, so the least you should do is keep your network up to date with the latest software patches, security fixes, and windows updates. This way, you don't need to deal with viruses, malware, or other threats while attempting to prove to aliens that we are all smarter than we look.

All fun aside, being prepared for the worst is the best practice when you are talking about your business. A Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution is great not just for natural disasters, but user error and hardware malfunctions as well. Call CAI Managed IT at (800) 422-4782 and we will monster-proof your business before it's too late!

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