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How to Make Sure That Your IT Company Isn’t Ripping You Off

b2ap3_thumbnail_it_repair_money_400.jpgFor a modern business that depends on its technology, few things are worse than when a server crashes, causing an entire organization to experience downtime. The only thing worse than downtime is the repair bill that accompanies it. In desperate times like this, is your IT company taking advantage of your misfortune?

Big Repair Bills Add Insult to Injury
Doing IT the old fashioned break-fix way is the model of computer service that takes advantage of a company's technology troubles by dishing out big repair bills. It's a painful way to do business because the break-fix repair company essentially profits from your technological misery. Because the break-fix model depends on technology breaking down in order to make money, there's little motivation with traditional IT companies to go the extra mile to prevent equipment failure. It's almost as if a break-fix IT company hopes that your workstations get hit with a virus or that your company experiences a server crash.

This model of business makes it difficult to discern if a break-fix computer repair company is ripping you off or not. It would be very easy for them to do a shoddy repair job on your computer with the intention of it breaking down again. This way, you will have to call them up again and face yet another large repair bill. At the end of the day, a computer break-fix company needs to pay their bills too, and you are a means to that end.

One of the problems with the break-fix business model is that there's no relationship involved. If the only time you talk with your break-fix company is when something goes wrong, and you dread interacting with them because you know that it always leads to a big repair bill, then it's likely that you're being ripped off. If this describes how your relationship (or lack thereof) with your IT service provider is, then it's time that you update your IT service to a new model that you can feel confident about.

Managed IT Service from CAI Managed IT: A Better Model for You!
You can feel confident about outsourcing your IT service with CAI Managed IT because we have your best interest in mind. Instead of charging you for every repair job, our business model revolves around your technology functioning properly. This is at the heart of managed IT service. With managed IT, you get charged a regular flat rate for us to manage your technology.

Managed IT is a consistent, all-you-can-eat approach to technology that you can budget around. By taking big and sporadic IT repair bills out of the equation, your company will now have the resources freed up to invest in growth, and when your business grows, then you will need to cover your new workstations and servers. Therefore, when you grow, we grow. This naturally translates to us having your best interest in mind. This is experienced firsthand through a relationship where we routinely evaluate your company's IT needs and work closely with you. This technology consulting aspect to our managed service hooks you up with the solutions you need to come out on top.

We are rooting for your success and we will go the extra mile in maintaining your equipment in order to prevent it from breaking down and causing your business expensive downtime. Managed IT service allows us to handle your IT problems remotely, including maintaining your system so that it functions properly. For many IT problems, we're able to catch and fix them remotely while they're small issues. This will free up your time from having to arrange computer fixes, which will give you more time to grow your business; a goal that both of us want to see happen!

Our approach to managed IT functions more like a partnership, and partners are people that can be trusted. This is how you can know that CAI Managed IT is not ripping you off, which is more than we can say for the typical break-fix computer repair company. To outsource your IT with CAI Managed IT and gain a trusted partner that wants to see your business grow, then give us a call at (800) 422-4782.

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