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b2ap3_thumbnail_weare400.jpgWhen you break down our IT Company, you will discover that we are about more than just computers. In fact, everything we do with technology is basically one big effort to help your business perform better and save you money!

If helping you save money is what we are all about, then how do we make money? The success of our business strategy is dependent upon the success of your business; and our technology solutions and managed IT services are the means to your success. Because we are dedicated to your success, the money dynamic changes compared to a typical company/customer relationship.

We're not driven by how much money we can squeeze out of you in one sale; instead, we have a company/client relationship with the businesses we work with. This is like a delayed gratification approach to business because we believe that, if we help position you for success now, then the payoff for both of us will be dramatically better.

You might ask yourself, "What's so special about the technology we offer that it magically makes you money?" The secret lies not with the technology itself, because, let's be honest, with some savvy shopping you can buy all the same pieces of technology we sell elsewhere. Although, it would require a lot of research, and you would be hard pressed to find a discount retailer that will work with you to provide you with a technology package that's tailored to meet your needs in an all-in-one turnkey solution.

The secret to how our technology works for you and makes you profitable is how we offer you the technology. CAI Managed IT is able to change the way you spend money and budget for your company's technology. This is done by taking the cost of making repairs to fix your broken technology, which is traditionally a capital expense that's difficult to budget for, since it's impossible to predict the next time your computer breaks down, and we turn these PC repairs into a regular flat-rate predictable monthly fee that you can budget around.

Anyone familiar with budgeting will recognize that this is a move from a capital expenditure to an operating expense. Now you can have a more accurate forecast of what your bottom line will look like, which will give you more opportunities to leverage your margin and help you capture a larger market share. This will inevitably lead to more profit!

In addition to having a bolstered budget, our managed IT services will also monitor and maintain your company's technology so that all of your servers and workstations run at optimum levels. This will minimize expensive downtown and save you even more money!

That's it; that's the secret to how CAI Managed IT can save your business money. In the end, it's about more than money, it's about doing what we love and helping our clients that we care about, do what they care about better. We've discovered that when everybody is doing what they love, then it's the best feeling in the world when the money part just falls into place! To enjoy a mutually beneficial working relationship with CAI Managed IT, give us a call at (800) 422-4782.

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Tuesday, September 28 2021

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