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5 Ways You Can Save Money with a Fax Server

b2ap3_thumbnail_Fax400.jpgIt's a digital revolution! Everyone is enjoying their new technology...and then there's the sad fax machine, still hanging around, printing off faxes, and reminiscing about the good old days before there was this new fad called the Internet. Fax machines put a damper on the whole digital revolution vibe. It's high time to retire them and start saving money!

Here are five ways that you can save money by trading in your old fax machine for a new fax server solution.

We can understand how an old fax machine could still be in use. Why give up on something that works? What we don't get is how it's possible for 4-to-6 million new fax machines to be manufactured and sold worldwide every year! It's not like the technology has been dramatically improved upon; fax machines are still bulky pieces of hardware. On top of this, fax machine prices are holding steady. The money saved from not buying a new fax machine will help pay for a more efficient fax server solution.

Phone Lines
A fax machine requires a dedicated phone line. Without it, the fax machine must share a line with your phone, and then a busy signal will greet callers whenever the machine is in use. A better way to save the expense of an additional phone line is to go with a fax server solution. This solution will use an Internet connection, and the resources it takes to send and receive faxes are minimal and will not tie up your communications.

Ink Toner
If you have ever shopped for printer toner, then you know how expensive it is. In 2008, the New York Times figured out that 1 gallon of HP 02 Black ink adds up to $4,294.58 per gallon. Over the years, think about how many times you have bought new ink for your fax machine. Now, try not to cry when you realize how much extra money would be sitting in your bank account if you had ditched your fax machine sooner.

Paper on the other hand, is priced much more reasonably, but it's not free. Everything is digital with a fax server solution; faxes are sent and received just like an e-mail. This will eliminate the expense of buying new paper for faxing purposes. In fact, any measure that you can take to go paperless will save you money in the long run, and be good for the environment. Call CAI Managed IT at (800) 422-4782 to learn about more paperless solutions that will help your company go green.
Increase Productivity

Fax machine maintenance and upkeep is expensive. Doing tasks like adding new paper and ink, clearing paper jams, and processing faxes all adds up. With a fax server solution, the device is installed once on your network and that's it. No more paper jams, no more having to mess with file cabinets; a fax server solution will store faxes on your network as .pdf files, allowing you to keep track of them as you would any other digital file. This will reduce the times an employee needs to get up from their desk, making your office more productive which will save you money!

We have looked at five money-saving benefits of the fax server solution. There is another benefit that, while not a money saver, will be a boost to the moral of your company; and that is tossing out the old fax machine and fully joining the digital revolution! To learn more about how a fax server solution works, along with more ways that it will benefit your business, reach out to CAI Managed IT at (800) 422-4782.

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Tuesday, September 28 2021

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